Wyldebillmusic Revue – 24 March 2017

For we are also what we have lost … A revue (of sorts): The minidisc recordings, & other memorabilia


Press Release

William Pinnock (aka wyldebillmusic) has served the undercurrent of the Port Elizabeth music scene for many years in various guises. The last few years have been quiet though, with sightings of the singer few and far between. This is about to change with a revue (of sorts), taking place at Art on Target on 24 March 2017.

The Acoustic Revue – The minidisc recordings & other memorabilia, will be a retrospective of songs from his solo material, as well as music from the bands he was involved as singer/songwriter. Songs from the seldom recalled Idiot Savant and the indefatigable Natural Born Swingers will once again share voice with reworked tracks from the band Special Agents, who were one of the first local acts to achieve a number one on the Algoa FM charts with the song Channel 5.

A portion of of the show will also present some undercover tracks from old recordings made in London, which have resurfaced “in plain sight,” as he describes it. “I call it a revue of sorts because, well, most of the songs have been forgotten, by myself, and rediscovering them has been an exercise in memory for me. To remember how to play them, mostly. But also to reflect on what the songs mean then and now, and placing them in a new context.” “Besides” he adds, “I’d love people to hear them … so this seems to be the best way to present them. Retrospectively now!”

The show will take place at Art on Target, 2 Target Kloof on 24 March 2017 with a R 70 entrance fee. Doors will open 7pm, with the show starting 8pm. Please call BA on 083 728 5295 / 041 373 3334 / info@artwork.co.za for any pre-booking.


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